How to upload photos to the website

Every bike hasher can now upload photos easily and instantly onto the relevant month's bike hash page.

We have integrated with Flickr to do this directly from your mobile phone, camera, tablet, etc. You can of course also do it via the Flickr website or the mobile Flickr website.

To get an app for your phone see here for the official Flick apps or search here for any device.

Once you have a Flickr account and a way to upload your photos the following steps will ensure your photos show up on the website:

  • Join the London Bike Hash group here.
  • Upload your photos and add to them to the group pool.
  • Tag your photos with a tag in the following format "July 2011 London Bike Hash" ensuring you add the double quotes, and of course choosing the appropriate Month and Year.
  • Then repeat the tag without the double quotes.

That's it, your photos will now automagically show up on the website, on the page of the relevant bash listed on the Ride History, Reports & Photos page.

Note the photos will show up on the website immediately, unless you are a new Flickr user. In that case you need to ensure you uploaded at least 5 photos initially, and then it takes 3 days; this is because Flickr reviews each new account before your photos are viewable to others.

If you are curious why Flickr was chosen instead of our old Gallery, see here.